What Is Vaginal Plastic Surgery?

The opening of female genitals is also called a vagina. Nowadays, lots of women undergo surgery or procedure for the reconstruction of vagina, which is called as Vaginoplasty or vaginal plastic surgery. Vaginal Plastic Surgery is usually done by a highly capable plastic surgeon, as it is a very sensitive kind of surgery.

This surgery can be done due to any disease or deformation of vagina. Another reason of this surgery is to improve the appearance of vagina. Surgery for this kind of purpose is known as aesthetic vaginal surgery. Popularity of aesthetic vaginal surgery is increasing day by day, so

Procedures For Vaginoplasty

There are several procedures for this kind of surgery depending on the demand and situation of patient. Some of them are mentioned here

Balloon Vaginoplasty: Balloon Vagiolasty is considered as one of the simplest procedures. This can be done by using local anesthesia.

Buccal Mucosa: This technique is used to shape vaginal lining with the buccal or oral mucosa tissues.

Colovaginoplasty: In this technique small segments or parts of sigmoid colon is used to form the vaginal lining

Don Flap: Prepucial skin  is used in this technique. This procedure is also very simple and much similar to penile inversion.

McIndoe Technique: This procedure is used to completely change the shape of vagina.

Penile inversion: This method is used for trans-women patients.

Vecchietti Procedure: This procedure is used to change the dimensions of vagina like its depth and width

Vaginoplasty In Joy Clinic

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