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Doctor performing ultrasound on pregnant woman

Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis is a condition in which cells that is normally found inside the uterus (endometrial cells) start growing outside of the uterus. That is, the lining of the inside of the uterus is found outside of it. Endometrial cells are the cells that shed every month during menstruation, and so endometriosis is most likely to affect women during their childbearing years. The cellular growth is not cancerous, but benign. Though there are not always symptoms, it can be painful and lead to other problems.

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Female Genital Tract Surgery

The outer end of female reproductive system is called vagina. It is also referred as the genital tract. The transformation of vagina into a more attractive or suitable condition is called as female genital tract surgery. Only a specialist plastic surgeon is certified to do this kind of surgery.

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Fibroid Uterus Treatment

Uterine fibroids are very common non-cancerous (benign) growths that develop in the muscular wall of the uterus. They can vary in size from very tiny (a quarter of an inch) to larger than a cantaloupe. Occasionally, they can cause the uterus to grow to the size of a five-month pregnancy. In most cases, there is more than one fibroid in the uterus. While fibroids do not always cause symptoms, their size and location can lead to problems for some women, including pain and heavy bleeding.

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Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Ovary is the female reproductive part, whereas ovarian cyst is referred to the fluid or liquid which is collected in the ovary. This fluid is covered in a thin layer. These ovarian cysts can be of different sizes. They can be as small as a pea and as large as an orange. Ovarian cysts are usually harmless and can develop in women of any age. Usually ovarian cysts form in women during childbirth.

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Vaginal Plastic Surgery

The opening of female genitals is also called a vagina. Nowadays, lots of women undergo surgery or procedure for the reconstruction of vagina, which is called as Vaginoplasty or vaginal plastic surgery. Vaginal Plastic Surgery is usually done by a highly capable plastic surgeon, as it is a very sensitive kind of surgery. This surgery can be done due to any disease or deformation of vagina. Another reason of this surgery is to improve the appearance of vagina. Surgery for this kind of purpose is known as aesthetic vaginal surgery. Popularity of aesthetic vaginal surgery is increasing day by day.

Joy Clinic is completely dedicated to improve the standard of health for women. It is also providing up to date consultation for vaginal plastic surgery in Singapore. Best plastic surgeons are here to facilitate the patients.